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/** @desc Test */
let MSG_TEST = goog.getMsg('Test');
 * @meaning Meaning
 * @desc Test
let MSG_TEST_MEANING = goog.getMsg('Test meaning');
/** @desc Test with placeholder */
let MSG_TEST_PLACEHOLDER = goog.getMsg('Test with {$ph}', {
    ph: 'placeholder'


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goog.LOCALE = 'cs';
goog.require(/** goog.i18n. */);

production \
    --output_mode=compiled \
    --compiler_flags="--define=goog.LOCALE='cs'" \


let fmt = new goog.i18n.DateTimeFormat(
let formattedDateTime = fmt.format(new Date());
// CS pondělí, 25. března 2013 16:38:36 UTC+1
// EN Monday, March 25, 2013 4:38:36 PM UTC+1


let fmt = new goog.i18n.MessageFormat(
    'There {EXAMPLE, select, ' +
        '0 {is no example} ' +
        '1 {is one example} ' +
        'other {are many examples}} '+
    'in messageformat_test.html'
let msg = fmt.format({'EXAMPLE': 0}); // There is no example in messageformat_test.html
let msg = fmt.format({'EXAMPLE': 1}); // There is one example in messageformat_test.html
let msg = fmt.format({'EXAMPLE': 2}); // There are many examples in messageformat_test.html


let fmt = new goog.i18n.NumberFormat(goog.i18n.NumberFormat.Format.CURRENCY);
let currency = fmt.format(9999.99);
// CS currency 9 999,99 Kč
// EN currency $9,999.99